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Traditions & Customs


Anita and Klaudia are members of a traditional dress group in Radstadt called “D´Goasstoana”.


Christian has been a member of the “Schnalzergruppe Radstadt” since its founding. Our Noriker horse, Lara, is also an important part of the club. She is washed, harnessed and decorated with flowers for each event. The four men sitting on the horses whip in unison and the horses are specially trained for the event.


Christian and his brothers Hannes and Philipp were also a part of the “Krampuspass” (krampus group).


During the 12 nights of Christ (December 24th to January 6th) each room is purified and blessed with incense and holy water. 


For Easter, pussy willows are collected and arranged into a bouquet. These “bushes” are blessed in the church. The branches are then spread all over the yard, to protect from harm and misfortune.


In Autumn, all the farmers in the area celebrate “Erntedank Fest”, which is essentially Austrian Thanksgiving. Every club and group from Radstadt come together to give “Thanks” for the successful harvest from Summer.