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"Alles Alm" Family Hiking Experience at Gnadenalm

The pristine Alpine pasture of the Gnadenalm is set amidst the magnificent panorama of the Radstädter Tauern mountains far away from traffic noise. It almost seems as if time stands still here. “Alles Alm” provides insights into the tough yet happy lives of the people here at the Gnadenalm Alpine pasture, both from times long past and today.

At eight entertaining themed stations, visitors can learn about true stories, curious circumstances and interesting facts concerning life at the Alpine pasture, nature and the many different animals. The observation tower beside the large Arolla pine is both the starting and ending point from which visitors can slide into their adventure. 

“Alles Alm” provides an entertaining hike with fun play areas, wonderful rest areas and an enjoyable quiz for the whole family.