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The Holzmann Family

Four generations of the Holzmann family live and work at Biberhof.

Beside great-grandmother Theresia, are Klaudia and Hans with their sons Christian and Philipp. Christian is married to Anita and they already have three children, Maria, Eva and Sebastian. Hans and his son Christian are responsible for the welfare of the animals as well as for the maintenance of the forests and meadows. Klaudia and Anita look after the guests at Biberhof. Philipp works as an plumber in Radstadt.

The third son, Hannes, is married to Marianne. They took over a farm in Styria and have been happily running it ever since. Living and working on the farm is fun for everyone!

Everyone likes to take time to get to know the guests at Biberhof. Stories about the old days and the farm are often eagerly heard by young and old.

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About Us

Biberhof is a full-time farm that works with livestock, dairy and forestry. Our entire operation covers around 25 hectares of fields, 25 hectares of pastures as well as 60 hectares of forest. On the farm we have around 22 dairy cows, 22 young cattle, 2 horses, goats, rabbits, cats and chicken. Tourism has become a particularly important part of our business. Claudia and Hans’ children are already interested in farming and tourism, which means the future looks bright for Biberhof!