Biberhof Radstadt | Familie Holzmann | A - 5550 Radstadt | Biber-Weyerweg 3 | Tel:+43 (0)6452/75 33 |

The Biberhof Farm

The Biberhof farm in Radstadt has been owned by the same family since 1743. The current farmhouse was built in 1887 and it was considered very modern and well-built for its time.

Large, bright rooms were built around the same time and since then Biberhof has continuously improved, renovated, and furnished its guest rooms. Hans Senior and Theresia first began hosting holiday guests in 1964. In 1993, Klaudia and Hans took over the business. In 1994, an additional house was built for the family adjacent to the farmhouse with space for holiday apartments as well.

Biberhof is approximately 90ha in size. 25 hectares are fields, 5 hectares are pasture, and the remaining 60 hectares are forrest. We are a dairy farm with 22 dairy cows and 25 young cattle. We also have a Noriker horse, one Icelandic horses, goats, some chickens, some rabbits and some cats. The animals are on the farm the whole year round and enjoy the pastures from April to October. Every other day our milk is collected and brought to the dairy in Salzburg.

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